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Felicia Harris Jones is a mother of 3 who are now all young adults. She began line dancing in 2000 as a way to get out of the house and quickly became addicted. She has taken lessons from many instructors over the years as she broadened her abilities as a dancer, falling in love with it as she took each step along the way.


In mid-2009, her friends encouraged her to become a line dance instructor at Boots N Buckles Saloon in Lakeland, Fl. Her biggest joy is: seeing a new dancer become a seasoned dancer, seeing them help new people to the floor, turning into a dancer who isn't afraid to add their own flare, and seeing that light bulb come on for a new dancer when they finally understand a step sequence that has eluded them.  To date, she has choreographed close to 50 dances and published half of them. As a choreographer who only works with songs that speak to her heart in some way. Receiving feedback from dancers who enjoy her creations is, by far, the most rewarding part of choreography.


Felicia would tell you that dancing is just about feeling the music and using the movement to remove the stresses and worries of your day. When she is not dancing, Felicia is in either in a college classroom earning her degree in education or she is in a classroom as a substitute teacher gaining experience to use as a school teacher in the future. In her rare spare time, you will find her enjoying day trips to the beach. She often starts craft projects that she won't have time to finish. Felicia is a part- time reader and avid lover of Tampa Bay Buccaneer football. While her students will tell you that she is obsessed with things that sparkle, her family would probably tell you that she also has more than a slight addiction to Facebook. 

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