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Choreography by Felicia Harris Jones

Please understand that if you find step sheets for dances belonging to Felicia from anywhere other than this website OR Copperknob or Line Dancer Magazine, they may have been altered in a way which the choreographer did not intend and the dances will have been changed without the choreographer's permission (Kickit and a few others are notorious for doing this). 


You will find links to most of Felicia's Choreography in the Archives link found on the right side of this page and on Copperknob by searching for Felicia Harris Jones or Felicia Jones . Video tutorials for dances not shown below will be found on on the BoundlessBoots YouTube Channel. 


All feedback is welcome. Please send a message and let us know what you or your class think of the dances you try. Remember... if you choose to teach any of Felicia's Choreography, do not alter the steps in any way. The dances are written specifically to hit the phrasing in the music. 


Eat. Sleep. Dance. Repeat.

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