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Choreography of 2016

Talk To Me Girl (Feb 2016)

32 Counts

2 Walls

High Improver Level

Song: Cake By The Ocean

Artist: DNCE

Felicia's Loving Cha (Feb 2016)

32 count

4 wall

Improver Level

Song : Various

Artist: Various

There is no video for this dance. It was adapted from my choreography Loving You Easy. We have danced Loving Cha to Boy and Girl Thing by Mo Pitney, Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth, Kiss by Prince, and VHS by Thomas Rhett among others.

Livin' The Dream (March 2016)

24 count

4 wall

Improver Level

Song: Livin' The Dream

Artist: Drake White

Dance: Livin' The Dream

Choreographer: Felicia Harris Jones

There is currently no video for this dance.

Makin' Me Imagine (May 2016)

16 count (syncopated)

2 wall

High Beginner Level

Song: What Ya Got On Tonight

Artist: Kip Moore

(alternate music : Castaway by Zac Brown Band)

Dance: Makin' Me Imagine

Choreographer: Felicia Harris Jones

Dogwood Trees and Honey Bees (May 2016)

18 count

4 wall

High Beginner level Waltz (with beginner level options)

Song: Outskirts of Heaven

Artist: Craig Campbell

Dance: Dogwood Trees and Honey Bees

Choreographer: Felicia Harris Jones

Chase The Wild Dreams (November 2016)

16 Count

4 wall

Intermediate NC2

Song: Are You With Me

Artist: Easton Corbin

This dance was choreographed for a great friend. Please make sure to read the story attached to the comments of the step sheet found on Copperknob. ~Thank you!

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