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Choreography 2014

It's Going Down (Jan 2014)

16 Count

4 Wall

High Beginner Level

Song: Timber

Artist: Pitbull ft. Kei$ha

Dance: It's Going Down

Choreographer: Felicia Harris Jones

Step Sheet for It's Going Down

Shake That Bass (April 2014)

32 Count

4 Wall

Beginner Level

Song: All About That Bass

Artist: Meagan Trainor

Song: The Shake

Artist: Neal McCoy

Dance: Shake That Bass

Choreographer: Felicia Harris Jones

This dance was the first of my choreography to break through the top 100 chart on Copperknob list of most popular dances. It quickly shot up to #48! What a thrill it is to see so many videos of this dance being done on YouTube! Thanks to all of you instructors who have shared my dance with your students.

Step Sheet for Shake That Bass

Double Shot of Crown (June 2014)

32 Count

4 Wall

High Beginner Level

Song: Bartender

Artist: Lady Antebellum

Dance: Double Shot of Crown

Choreographer: Felicia Harris Jones

This dance followed right behind Shake That Bass and broke through Copperknob's top 100 chart over night! It reached its peak at #68 and as a choreographer, I became hooked to creating dances that would reach the same popularity. I am so touched to have visitors to my class who can join right in and do this dance with my class because they have learned it from their instructor in another class.

Step sheet for Double Shot of Crown

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